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California Water Data Consortium Data for Lunch w/SFEI

Oct 19 2021

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (PDT)

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California Water Data Consortium

The California Water Data Consortium is a nonprofit organization that supports data-informed decision-making in California about water in the face of climate change and other pressures on water resources. We

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The California Water Data Consortium is proud to host a presentation by Dr. Letitia Grenier from SFEI on the Delta Landscapes Scenario Tool.

Data for Lunch Series

This event is part of the Consortium’s Data for Lunch series, which provides an opportunity to learn about innovative water data-related projects.

Date: October 19th from 12 – 1:00 pm, with additional Q&A from 1-1:30pm

Presenters: Dr. Letitia Genier

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome and introduction (10 mins)
  • Presentation (30 mins)
  • Facilitated discussion (15 mins)
  • Additional Q&A time (30 mins)

Project Summary

The Delta Landscapes Scenario Planning Tool is a set of resources to assist users with developing, analyzing, and evaluating different land use scenarios in the Delta. The tool is designed to inform ongoing and future restoration planning efforts by assessing how proposed projects will affect a suite of landscape metrics relating to desired ecosystem functions. The tool can also conduct basic assessments of agriculture and infrastructure. The tool helps enable users to create scenarios that are grounded in the best available science and research, efficiently evaluate the tradeoffs between different scenarios, evaluate proposed projects, and track actual progress towards regional goals as projects are implemented and the landscape changes over time. In the future, new tool modules could be developed to allow for more robust assessments of the impacts of proposed scenarios on the agricultural economy, water supply, recreation, and various ecosystem services (e.g., carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions).


Dr. Letitia Grenier directs the Resilient Landscapes Program of the San Francisco Estuary Institute, where she works with partners to conserve California’s living resources by developing landscape-scale, collaborative, science-based visions and solutions. Throughout her career she has worked as a proponent and leader of science-based management in the Bay-Delta. The Delta Landscapes projects, developed by Dr. Grenier and her team, quantify landscape performance and provide science to support large-scale restoration visions for the region. In 2019 and 2015 she served as the science lead for the State of the Estuary Report and she was also the science lead for the 2015 update to the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals, heading a team of over 200 environmental scientists, managers, and regulators to develop recommendations for restoring and maintaining the health of the Bay’s tidal wetlands in the face of rising sea levels and other stressors. Letitia completed her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, where her research concentrated on the ecology of the Bay-Delta estuary system.

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Available Materials:

  • Delta-Landscapes-Tool-SFEI-Presentation.pdf