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Consortium Bids Farewell to Founding CEO

March 15th, 2024

I am writing today to provide you with an important update from the California Water Data Consortium.

Our extraordinary founding CEO Tara Moran has announced that she will be stepping down from the organization to tend to family matters. While her wisdom, guidance, and leadership will be missed, we fully support and understand her decision.

The California Water Data Consortium was created by a partnership of state agencies and others to ensure that we have the best possible information about our state’s water so that we can make decisions that will allow California to continue to prosper in the face of unprecedented climate challenges.

As the founding CEO of the Consortium, Tara has done an extraordinary job of bringing people and institutions together to exchange ideas, synthesize information, and design new ways to share data. Under her leadership, the Consortium has established strong working relationships and has become an essential partner across government, industry, and the funding communities.

As we begin the search for Tara’s successor, the Consortium is in an excellent place to build on this great work. Indeed, given the profound challenges presented by a changing climate, there has never been a more important time in our state’s history to make decisions about water, which will be critical to our state’s economic, social, and environmental future, and which will set the stage for states across the country to effectively steward their resources.

The novel partnership that the Consortium represents will offer a great opportunity for a talented leader to make a profound difference in helping California to make decisions about water that are based on the best possible data about where the water is, how it’s being used, and by whom.

In the weeks ahead, we will launch the search for our new CEO. We are eager for your assistance in helping us to find a leader with the wisdom, skills, and collaborative spirit to help the Consortium succeed at this important moment. To that end, please share the job announcement with your network and encourage great candidates to apply for the role.

Thank you as always for your partnership and support as we work together to build a resilient, prosperous future.

Dave Orth, Board Chair California Water Data Consortium