The Consortium’s Steering Committee

Diverse Perspectives

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Our Steering Committee is comprised of state representatives and non-state representatives, representing local agencies, the private sector, academia and more.

Technical Expertise

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Our Steering Committee includes leading experts in data and information science, information technology and architecture, and water policy and management.


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Our Steering Committee members have worked in private-public partnerships, water policy, and fundraising. They are data providers, data publishers, and data users.

Steering Committee ChartThe California Water Data Consortium’s Steering Committee is an 11-member team composed of six state agency representatives and five non-state agency representatives. The Steering Committee works closely with the Consortium Board of Directors, staff, various Working Groups, and the Partner Agency Team to guide the following activities of the Consortium:

  1. Working with the Consortium board of directors and staff to collaboratively develop strategic goals and a work plan to support those goals
  2. Developing and overseeing the activities of the Technical Working Group and the Data Water User Working Group
  3. Working with the Consortium’s board of directors and staff to identify funding opportunities and resources to support Consortium, Steering Committee and Working Group activities.