California Water Data Consortium Pilot Projects

Currently, the California Water Data Consortium (Consortium) is advancing four pilot projects to address some of California’s most urgent water needs. Each of our pilot projects, listed below, illustrates the diverse needs of the stakeholders involved and demonstrates the value of cross-sector collaboration. Pilot projects include:

  1. Groundwater Accounting and Data Reporting Pilot Project
  2. LiDAR Pilot Project
  3. Urban Water Reporting Pilot Project
  4. Reporting Water Use in the Delta

Project Oversight and Review

Oversight and review of the pilot projects is provided by the Consortium’s working group co-chairs, members of the Consortium’s technical and data-user working groups, and the Consortium’s steering committee.

Additionally, all Consortium pilot projects will be considered and supported by a racial equity, diversity, and inclusion working group currently being developed in partnership with the State Water Resources Control Board.


Pilot projects generally begin at the Consortium as informal working groups, which can advance without board approval.

When ready, a working group can propose a pilot project. Before adopting a proposed pilot project, the Consortium Board carefully reviews each project concept utilizing a prescribed set of criteria in its selection and approval process. Learn more about the Consortium’s working group and pilot project process and selection criteria here.

Contact us if you have ideas you would like to work on with the Consortium.