Urban Water Reporting Project


Why is this project needed?

Close up of a person filling a glass of water from the kitchen faucetCalifornia Department of Water Resources

Water supply and use data is vital to understanding urban water trends, needs and future water planning by all levels of government and the public. While these data are necessary for critical water management decisions, they are often not available in the timeframes or formats required to support timely management decisions particularly during periods of drought when time sensitive decisions are necessary. Advancing this project will provide both state and local agencies with improved access to data and information necessary for urban water management during drought and periods of water scarcity.

What will this project focus on?

The California Water Data Consortium, in partnership with the Department of Water Resources and the State Water Resources Control Board, is identifying opportunities to align current water supply and use data collected and reported by local and wholesale water agencies with State agency reporting requirements to improve data use, reduce reporting burden, and expand access to timely, interoperable, high-quality, secure, reliable data. In addition to improving public understanding and access to core water supply and use data, these data services will provide the source data needed to generate critical information for managing water resources. 

Proposed Project Goals and Objectives

To advance the goals of the Open and Transparent Water Data Act and support state and local water management decision-making, the urban water reporting project seeks to:

  1. Understand state agency water use and supply data reporting requirements across six existing and pending state urban water reports (see figure below)
  2. Understand how urban water suppliers collect and report current water use and supply data
  3. Understand how data users and consumers currently use water use and supply data and any impediments to its use
  4. Explore opportunities for data sharing, efficiencies, alignment, comparison, and improving overall data quality between reports for state and local agencies
  5. Identify issues and concerns from the perspective of all agencies (state and local) that could impede improved data sharing and alignment

This project will initially focus on four existing urban water reports, including the conservation report, urban water management plans, the water loss audit, and the electronic annual report. It will also include two new reports authorized by SB 606 and AB1668, which require urban water suppliers to submit water supply and demand assessments beginning in July 2022 and compliance with water use objectives beginning in January 2024.

Urban Water Reporting graphic

Project Implementation

A proposed project timeline is shown below.


Urban Water Reporting Workshop

On June 6, 2022, the California Water Data Consortium hosted an Urban Water Reporting Workshop. Summary materials, include:

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Project Partners (displayed alphabetically)

  • Department of Water Resources
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Moulton Niguel Water District
  • State Water Resources Control Board